Older sister

I have a sister who is only sixteen and wants to move out..she wants to take our five horses and to dogs with her!!! as well as most of our cats…not only can she not afford to take care of them all…but they are OU are animals…she will not listen to reason..and you cannot talk to her …because she thinks only her ideas are good ones..is there anyway I can help her??? or try to talk to her??? My dads a single dad and is at his wits end with her and doesn’t know what to do.. she has lost all her respect for him.. please help!

Answer #1

well she sounds responsible enough… only problem is she cant legally move out at 16… your dad can call the cops and report her as a runaway… I’m also quite curious how she managed to sign a rental agreement given that she’s under 18?

Answer #2

Who purchased the animals?

Unless she purchased them with her own money, they are not hers to take and your dad can take legal action if she takes them.

Sounds like she’s spoiled…she’s going to get a real kick in the pants if she thinks she can make out on her own with that kind of attitude.

Answer #3

Thats where she works and where she is renting the pasture its a humaine society type place …so the horses will be taken care of…but their still my faimly :\

Answer #4

Ok, so she takes the three horses…

Does she have a stall for them? Can she afford to feed them?

This would be something you brought up to the humane society…if she can’t care for them, she can’t have them legally - even if she did buy them.

Answer #5

Lmao she has yet to do thta :) right now shes just packing.

Answer #6

Yes I wish that was the case…the problem is she three of the horses she did buy…and she thinks that she owns one of the dogs…so its kind of complicated…

Answer #7

She cant take them… he can charge her with theft if she tries… and where’s she going to house any of these animals? just ignore her, she’s probably trying to get to your dad…

Answer #8

Most likely she wouldn’t listen to any advice that is thrown at her, but if when she leaves when she’s on her own she would know how much responsibilty she would have to give them, & probally return them home.

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