Why are older/outdated religions referred to as mythology, but modern christianity, scientology, judiasm etc are widely accepted as bases for faith and hope?

Answer #1

because they are not widley practiced today

Answer #2

Mythology is the study of just the stories and culture associated with a religion. For example Greek Mythology would be associated with the Ancient Greek religion. And the “myths” themselves in this case refer to “a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind came to be in their present form”. So by that definition the stories from the Bible for Christianity are myths, and the stories and culture associated with Christianity are the Christian Mythology.

But as the Ancient Greek religion is pretty much a dead religion, the religious aspect of it is removed the the mythology, leaving us with just stories and culture associated with the Ancient Greek religion. Christianity, Judaism, and other modern religions are being practiced, so the mythology and religious aspect are refereed to as a whole as The Religion.

Answer #3

Thank you for noticing that. Its something that drives many of us Pagans a little nutty. When Christianity came in they did everything they could to stop people from worshiping the old Gods and one way was to make them a Myth.

Interestingly if someone were to believe the bible as truth than they would have to believe the old Gods existed as it mentions them several times.

Those Gods they couldn’t stop people from following they either sainted like Brigid or Satanized like Pan.

Answer #4

The Ancient Greek religion is far from dead. The followers of the ancient Greek Gods fought for many years to get the ban listed on worshiping the Olympians (It was illegal) and about 5 years ago won their case in court. Watch the movie “I still worship Zeus”, its a documentary on the fight of the Greek Hellenistic Pagans and their fight to regain the right to worship their natural Gods.

Answer #5

oh wow I didn’t know that :P. Well I feel like an idiot…should have read more before I posted my answer.

Answer #6

sadly, its not something hugely publicized. Most people are not even aware that it was illegal in Greece to worship their Ancient Gods and the huge fight the Pagans there went through to do so legally. The Catholic religion had a stern hold on that country.

Answer #7

Myth; any religion older than your own.

Cult: any religino newer than your own.

People can plainly see the illogic of every religion except their own.

Answer #8

religino = a mythical subatomic particle whose existence is predicted by super-symmetry.

Answer #9

I was also kind of surprised to hear about that. I’m more into the Norse religions, personally, but I do a lot of Classics studies, which led me to look into this. I actually found that exact documentary.

Answer #10

It’s just a difference in how people see religion now compared with how they used to. Most modern religions believe they are they only valid religion and actively seek converts. In ancient times-“mythology” times-people were usually henotheistic or monolatristic. In other words, they believed in worshipping their particular god(s), but recognised the existence of other gods…in some cases, accepting those gods were worthy of being worshipped by their followers, and in other cases not believing that. Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians, and other ancient people would sometimes worship the gods of a foreign land if they went to that land. The ancient Hebrews were often monolatristic. It’s clear from reading the Bible and other texts they believed other gods existed, but Yahweh was the only one who deserved to be worshipped.

Because most modern organised religions no longer see themselves as being tied to a particular ethnic group or nation, they tend to see earlier belief systems as being “mythology” since those beliefs are tied to a particular people.

Answer #11

This is true. People think the ancient Hebrews were monotheistic, but it’s obvious from reading the Bible they considered Canaanite and Philistine gods to be legitimate, just not worthy of their worship (or at least, the people who wrote the Bible didn’t). There is also some archaeological and textual evidence the Hebrews worshipped a female companion to Yahweh.

Answer #12

I ordered the documentary for a “religion” workshop I was leading. It is a very interesting documentary and well worth watching

Answer #13

Im not sure why they are regarded as such in general, but I think of them as mythology because I enjoy the stories without following the religion. I understand they are valid religions people still follow, and I dont mean to offend anyone by thinking of them in this way. Maybe its because they are so much more interesting than most other religions!

Answer #14

I like to think I can see the logic and illogic in all religions! Mine certainly does have a good deal of the illogic

Answer #15

The Bible mentions one God and one God only. Are you for real? Gen. 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Answer #16

Thank Constantine for that funny thing is there is no difference between them and pagan myths

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