Okay I reaaally want a lip peircing..

But my mom and my dad don’t want me to get one because she thinks it’s discusting. I really want one. I already pierced it by myself, but that didn’t turn out so well. It got infected. But I don’t know what to do. Do I try to convince her? I just want a really small stud. Or what do I do? How do I gett it without telling her. Im 14 so help!

Answer #1

Explain to them that piercings AREN’T that bad in reality. Let them know that as long as they’re done professionally and properly cared for that they will turn out perfectly fine and you won’t have any issues with them. Also fill them in on the fact that piercings CAN be removed if you’d ever decide you wouldn’t want them later in life. Simply take the jewlery out and never put it back in.. The hole will close up and that’ll be that. Be sure they know that the piercing(s) won’t make you any more or less attracitve than you already are and that you can in fact still get a job if you have piercings. Maybe you could get a fake one and put it in and see how she reacts to it. If you can’t get a real fake one, make your own with some foil. You can’t hide a lip ring, especially when it’s still fresh. You can’t take the ring/stud out for awhile or else it’ll mess it up and it won’t heal right. Talk with your parents and try to get them to see that there’s nothing wrong with piercings and that they’re nothing more than forms of body art and self expression. If after all you try begging, convincing, etc… they STILL make a big deal about it, leave it go for awhile. Try asking again a few days/weeks later. If they still refuse to let you get one, wait until your a little older or wait until you turn 18… then you can get it without parental consent.

Answer #2

You should just tell your mum that you want a piercing because you think it looks quite nice and that it’s your responsibility and you will look after it, like a pet. You should also mention that if you want one, it’s your face and it’s your choice so if you want one, then you should be alloud to have one. But make sure she is in a good mood and just sit her down and say “mum, I have something to tell you. you may not like it but I’m going to tell you anyway as I feel like I have to. Im getting my lip pierced cause it’s rather cool and nothing you say can really stop me. I want you to take me to the piercing parlor and just help me with this decision.

Answer #3

get one and when your parents see it. just say that if you took it off a month early it would get infected. so they’ll have to live with it. LOL, thats what I did when I got my septum xD

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