How do I convince my parents to let me dance?

okay so I have already made other question things kinda like this but I guess I went to the doctor EARLY today instead of tommaro, and my parents said I can’t dance anymore because I am to underweight and the doctor SUGGESTED that I dont dance, that’s really none of his buisness. but they all said I cant dance ANYMORE, even if I gain weight. cause they don;t “trust” me with dancing or whatever. I am on the varsity dance team which is SO hard to get into and I worked so hard to get into it, how do I convince my parents to let me dance? OH YEAH just because of that one stupid doctor I have to eat in the nurses office, ah this is hell. but please help me dancing is my life, how do I convince my parents to let me dance?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t call your Doctor ‘stupid’, you can only hope you’ll be able to attain the education he/she has - wake up: They are both looking after your best interests !!

Answer #2

It sounds like you have/they think you have some sort of eating disorder? Well if dancing means so much to you then eat in the nurses office and show your parents that you are eating healthily and good portions of food and are prepared to change. And also explain how much dancing means to you and you are prepared to change. And make sure you SHOW them this change and they will most likely let you dance again. Hope this helped x

Answer #3

Exactly what evilpinkpunkfairy said. If you really don’t have a eating disorder, then eat every freakin meal in front of your nurses and who ever should be watching. I understand that you miss doing something you love, but you can’t let your health be affected by this. I wish you luck

Answer #4

Your parents are looking out for your best interests. I doubt the doctor is stupid. Those guys had to go to school for more years than you have been alivei. Continue to dance as a hobby and start eating healthy portions of nurtricious foods. Maybe when you bulk up a little and prove yourself, they might consider it. And try to have a great attitude also. If you are rude and spiteful, they are much less likely to give you what you want.

Answer #5

sorrry, I really didnt mean to call him “stupid” but it just feels like there all out to make me upset, or they would let me dance. Iam 15, not 5 anymore!!!

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