Ok seriously, any true metal fans...

Everytime I look at a question based on metal all I see are people listing bands that simply don’t belong! So is there someone who actually listens to metal and doesn’t have craptallica, some crappy neo metal band, or some crappy melodeath band like children of boredom come to mind first?

Answer #1

yep glamtera…look up pantera on wikipedia and you’ll see that they started as glam LOL

Answer #2

maybe music wise I’m hard to deal with but outside of music I’m mellow.

Answer #3

also, since when have I ever said I combine metal…I know how to tell all genres apart.

Answer #4

lol no problems on your mistake man

Answer #5

Pantera sucks! Exhorder \m/

Answer #6

lol yeah rboi I’m tired of all these posers thinking they know what the hell they’re talking about

Answer #7

DM, BM, thrash, power…I don’t care as long as it doesn’t SUCK!

Answer #8

System of A Down TOOL Mastodon

Answer #9

Yes, to name some of my fav’s:

-Children of Bodom -Damage Plan -Cannibal Corpse -Carcass -Acid Bath -Otep -Cradle of Filth -Enslaved -Sodom -Anthrax -Morbid Angel -Helloween

Answer #10

oook I guess I wasn’t very clear on the question :|…no hard rock people claim as metal or false metal :|. When I say neo metal I mean nu-metal (slipknot, mudvayne, soad, tool, ect…) and when I say melodeath I mean (in flames, dark tranquility, children of bodom, ect…)

Answer #11

You are way to picky - what does it matter so much. There are several different types of “metal” and millions of bands that fit into different categories.

Answer #12

How am I being picky exactly? What’s so hard about the question? All I’m asking is if anyone is a true metal fan not this fake crap people keep name dropping lol, btw I’m a fan of sodom too!

Answer #13

Your version of “suck” and someone else’s are different though - so it’s hard to judge what you want and what you are asking for - get it.

Answer #14

yes! there is me! I like “proper metal”, like system of a down and stuff like that and diturbed yayayayay, but in all seriousness I think its sad how people dont take the metal in a serious way, rock on man!

Answer #15

well, hence WHY I was asking! If you’re unsure what I mean then maybe you shouldn’t have responded. Also you DID list Children of Boredom at top which leads me to believe you have no idea what the difference between false metal and true metal really is

Answer #16

There is no such thing as “false” metal. Metal is Metal - as I said before there are several different types of Metal - none of them are “false”.

Please be nice to the users on this site - everyone has different music taste and things they consider to be good metal - and you should acknowledge the fact that not everyone has the same opinions as you. Open your mind a little bit more - maybe you’ll find more you like or learn something.

Answer #17

This is what I like, some of it you wouldn’t like…slayer,megadeth,cannibal corpse,iron maiden,dimmu borgir,pantera,anthrax,goatwhore,meshuggah,gorgoroth,metal church,motor head(they don’t like to be considered metal, but that’s the section you’ll find ‘em in)nattefrost,koRn,judas priest,dio,berzum,venom, I can’t think of anymore aha

Answer #18

Mandy, you’ve already proven you have no clue what you are talking about! Yes there is FALSE METAL aka poser metal nu-metal. You obviously NEVER heard the phrase “Death to false metal”. Anyways I have better stuff to do than sit here and argue with a Damageplan, cradle, otep, and children of boredom fan.

Answer #19

most are death metal as I lay dying, arch enemy, behemoth, cannible corpse, edge of sanity, eternal oath, haggard, inflames, job for a cowboy, killswitch engage, lamb of god, motley crue, pantera, raunchy and a lot more

Answer #20

I never got into pantera and think they were overrated, granted they didn’t get popular till the death of dimebag. They will always be known as glamtera to me LOL

Answer #21

Pantera was formed in 1981, with its original line-up consisting of drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, his younger brother, lead guitarist Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott (then known as “Diamond Darrell”), rhythm guitarist Terry Glaze, bassist Tommy Bradford, and vocalist Donnie Hart.[1] At its conception, the members of Pantera were in 11th grade.[1] Kiss and Van Halen covers as well as original material in the glam metal vein in Texas nightclubs. Along with adopting the glam metal sound, the band members frequently performed in spandex and teased-up hair, a common appearance in the glam metal scene.


Answer #22

Enjoy what you want, but leave everyone else alone. You were never given the right to mock and judge others - you are not worthy of that privilege.

You were also not the one who wrote the definition of metal or what bands fall into that category - all you have is opinion, and sorry little boy, but opinion doesn’t get you anything but a huge foot up your a$$.

Preferring hardcore bands doesn’t make you cool - it makes you a poser, because only the true of heart will admit that they can listen to metal and still enjoy a little punk or pop on the side. When you limit yourself to one style, you become nothing but a drone who thinks he knows better than everyone else.

Btw…your taste in music sucks…just thought you should know.

Answer #23

Ichi, by saying what you just said is abusing your power as a mod…I ask a simple question and I got jumped on by a few people who have no idea what they are talking about. I honestly don’t care if you think metal sucks or whatever.

Answer #24

It has nothing to do with being an advisor and I’m not “abusing my power” at all - I’m still allowed to voice opinion. If I was abusing my power, I would have deleted your question under the basis of you being obnoxious.

You’re generally being a jerk, and you deserved to hear the truth, and that truth is - YOU have no idea what you’re talking about.

Just because you think you’re right and that you know everything, doesn’t make it true.

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