Ok I need help on homework please help me

Ok so here is the question

1)the hue,the river along witch ancient chinese civilization grew,is called “china’s sorrow”because???

  1. the center of early chinese society was the extended family,witch included…

3)comfucius believed the=at his role was was to pass on…

So can anyone help meh on these

Answer #1

OK this is the last time I’m doing it. And also be aware that your teacher may be looking for specific answers exactly as he or she gave you, which I don’t know. Do you have any notes? or the book for the class?

  1. It’s actually the Huang He River. Its’ called China’s sorrow because in the space of just over 50 years between 1887 and 1943, some 10 million people drowned or died of famine and disease as the result of catastrophic floods.

  2. Grandparents of both sides, and aunts and uncles of both sides.

  3. virtue and good examples.

Answer #2

Omg I have no clue on what any of this is.
& thats pretty sad for me. haha

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