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ok I need help with this one problem on my homework and I missed the day it was taught, can anyone help me please, I would really appreciate it, thank you…

heres the question,

your band is planning to record a compact disk containing all of its greatest songs. It will cost $12,500.00 to record and produce a master copy, and an additional $2.50 to make each sale copy. If youplan to sell the final product for $7.99, how many disks must you sell to break even?

please give correct answerrss thanksss

Answer #1

You want your cost and your sales to equal each other in order to break even. Let’s say you are going to sell “X” CDs:

The cost is $12500 + $2.5X and the money that comes in from sales is $7.99X. Set the two sides equal and solve for X:

12500 + 2.5X = 7.99X 12500 = (7.99-2.5)X

X = 12500 / (7.99 - 2.5) = 12500 / 5.49 = 2276.86703

Since CDs are sold as a complete item and not in fractions, you have to round up to 2,277 CDs in order to break even.

Answer #2

girl what school you go to you right you do need sum help sorry I couldnt help you im new 2 d1s can you help me out

Answer #3

Don’t you have to tell us how many CDs the band plans to copy, or are we just trying to break even for recording one master copy?

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