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Ok I made some revisions in my poem and changed the title.

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Let me know what you think and give some helpful criticism if you would like. Thank you! :)

Beautifully Broken

The darkness is overwhelming And getting deeper every second The depression grows It’s fed like air to a wildfire And spreads with each breath Empty and alone The despair is well known I’m slipping away Will you reach out and save me? Or will you let me fall? You ask what I’m thinking And how I feel I wish I could answer these simple questions I’m drowning in confusion My world has changed I feel empty and alone I know you say you’re there But are you? I’ve never trusted a single soul Emotionally scarred Unable to let go
Afraid to get close I’m an empty shell Avoiding all deep emotions Just skimming the surface Am I really all that cold? Beautifully broken And all alone I wish I could let go