Do you think some people realize how they're like?

Like for example, how does a really annoying person nobody can stand or like view ANOTHER annoying character much like themselves in a movie?

Do you think they would praise the “cool kids” in the movie and make fun of the one nobody likes or do you think they’ll realize that the bad person in the movie is like them and shuts up?

I don’t know if that made any sense but it did get me thinking.

Answer #1

The movies dont show real life… Most of these teen movies portray caricatures. There may be a little truth to it, but most of it is simply exaggerated. So most people wont really identify with the characters. As for the way people act, most people lack self awarness… So they most likely will not realize they are acting that way, or they may think they have a right to act the way they do

Answer #2

I think he’d just laugh at it, and not think that those “cool” kids are “cool”. Or something like that.

Answer #3

Okay so if a nerd were to sit down and watch a show where “cool” people are making fun of the nerdy kid, would he laugh and be like wow those kids are cool or would he be like damn that’s messed up IM THAT KID..?

Answer #4

I think one of humankind’s worst problems is that we have too much ego and are unable to see what we really are.

This is why an annoying person is able to find someone who is just like them, annoying as well. They can see the behaviour as wrong - they are just unaware that they are guilty of it.

We all need to be mindful of our actions.

Answer #5

I’m sure we can all relate somewhat, but to what extent?

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