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Why am I obsessed with The Amityville Horror?

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So the first time I saw the newest version of Amityville Horror I knew nothing about it. Shortly after it kept popping up into my life. Being mentioned at least once a week in a show I was watching when I had never heard of it before. I randomly came across a ghost show talking about Melissa George feeling haunted when filming the movie. After that I was absolutely drawn to it and it came into my life constantly. I would walk out of my bedroom at night to go to the bathroom and my dad would be changing the channel and I would see it. I have only seen the newer version twice and the I have never seen the first one. Now at this point I am constantly thinking about it and the Lutzes. I could tell you almost anything about it. I read the book in 2 nights. I am always searching for fan clubs and real pictures of the house and the hauntings. It drives me up a wall when people say it was a hoax and the weirdest thing for me was when I woke up half way in the middle of the night and was thinking about it and was trying to remember the address and couldn't I knew the old address was 112 Ocean Avenue but I knew it got changed but I didn't know to what and 108 popped into my head. I repeated "108 Ocean Avenue" over and over out loud and turns out that really is the new address..