What can you use to num your ears?

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Answer #2

Ice. It doesn’t work that great though.

Answer #3

Ice or numbing cream…may I ask why you would want to numb your ears?

Answer #4

gauging(sp) them. not the big kind

Answer #5

hmm, well, im not sure if this’d be helpful, but i used pens n markers to gauge mine! haha, but, yes, it does hurt pretty badly, i used alcohol. just soak it into a few paper towels, and hold it at your ear for a while, then kinda force the pen or whatever into the hole.

Answer #6

Oh jeez. -__-

Answer #7

lol im not gauging hem THAT big. my friend used a nail. thats abot the size i need. i have paper clips through my ears nd just continually tug on them

Answer #8

oh, okay then. (@ angelee: yeah kinda brutal…) and a nail is gonna hurt haha, and id suggest using a pen instead, like, a papermate pen or of the like, it almost slides in there, and keep it there for a good 2 1/2 hours, they’ll be pretty stretched out

Answer #9

not that big lol my gauges are small

Answer #10

Exactly how am I being brutal? lol…I wasn’t saying “Oh jeez” about her gauging her ears…I was saying that because gauging ears with anything other than proper tools is a bad idea.

Answer #11

ice pack

Answer #12

i know, but my gmom wuld kill me

Answer #13

What is gauging please ?

Answer #14

gauging is when, you get a piercing in oyur ear, then after its fully healed, you strech the hole to an even bigger hole :)

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The best way to do it without much pain is just increase the size little by little. Ice could numb, but even once you have the item in your ear they will be sore after. If you are at paper clip size, find something slightly bigger than that, like those little nails people use for weather stripping and stuff. They are really small, like 1/2 inch long and if I am thinking right, just a bit bigger than paper clips. Slowly just go up from there, it may take a bit but as soon as your ears are no longer sore, go up a size.

Answer #17

thank yu =D but what is weather stripping? nd where can i find those nails? lol

Answer #18

You can get those nails at any hardware store, Home Depot, Aco, Ace, you may even get lucky if you go to CVS or Rite Aid. Make sure when you do find them to clean them will with alcohol/peroxide before you stick them in your ears =)

Answer #19

Oh and weather stripping is like this thin “layer” people put around door frames and such that helps keep out the cold. =)

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