Do you believe in Nostradamus's prophecies?

do you beleive the prophecies of nostradamus that havent come true yet, and would you call him a prophet for the ones that have come true

Answer #1

No - wrong too many times - besides it’s foolish to have faith in man - faith in God sustains us…Take care !!

Answer #2

actually he did try prevent a prophecy before it happend which was about king Henri the second,and he confronted the queen and he was appointed as a royal advisor to the king to help prevent it I guess, but he still ended up dieing the same way not saying that I acutally believe in his predictions though.

Answer #3

No. Anything can seem like a prophecy if you make it vague and mysterious. That’s all he did. That’s why his so called prophecies have no predictive value. It’s only after the fact that people say “aha! see, this is what he meant with that gobbedlygook”.

Answer #4

If you discover you are wrong and you can admit it, you have a good ego. I used to believe in all this crap too and I was VERY wrong.

Answer #5

NO. He wrote all sorts of things with vauge references and symbolic meanings. Anyone can pick out dozens of statements and give them any meaning they want. The whole thing is like writing in the desert sands.

Answer #6


whatever “prophesies” have indeed “come true” fall into either of just 2 categories:

  • wisely thought-out observations, I.e., The Sun will come out tomorrow (or at least by next month?)

  • rantings HEARD by the masses, subsequently internalized by them, and consequently BROUGHT ABOUT by them, I.e. Posthypnotic Suggestions.

And along comes the Unsung Prophet whose voice rings true but cries out as in the wilderness with no one to hear: “Prepare ye the Way of the L-rd”

Answer #7

kingofpop you are absolutely right and that is exactly the answer I would have given too. A true prophesy should be useful before the event in order to at least prepare for the inevitable. I had to laugh when I read what stopandsmelltheroses said. No not the bit about Nostradamus selling his soul to the devil but the bit about “Like the one about the twin towers exploding or whatever, have you heard about it?”. That prophesy was circulating around the internet but the funny thing was the words were completely changed and rewritten to fit in with the disaster. Shows just how gullible some people can be. Never take things at face value, certainly not from the internet.

Answer #8

No. Nostradamus’s quatrains are deliberately vague and could be applied to a variety of situations, because he was trying to disguise his attacks on the political figures of his day.

The easiest way to learn that he is not a true prophet: has anyone ever used one of his quatrains to predict something before it happened? The answer is no.

Where were the Nostradamus people before Kennedy was shot, or before Hitler came to power, or before 9/11 happened? These people always go back after the fact and say, see? He predicted this would happen!

Answer #9

umm I think that nostradamus was considered a propehcy of his time, but now with the advancements that we have made I think he was just a genius. he was incredibly more inteligent than those of his time, and used logical thoughts and processes to determine what he did. I dont think that he knew but I think that with his knowledge he had a great advantage in his time. I by no means take anything away from his findings, but I dont grant him any more credit than is due! and I think that some of them will happen yes, but not all

Answer #10

I’m inclined not to believe in him. Fortune-tellers and such are very good at sounding so mysterious that almost anything that happens can be made to sound like they predicted it. I know that Nostradamus is a bit more convincing than most, but on the whole I think that people just look for events which match his prophecies and and then claim that the prophecy came true.

Answer #11

well im not sure I havent really read any of them but I don’t know I think he was just using common sense with the fact that history repeats itself

Answer #12

Nostradamus has never predicted anything. Believers find parallels between world events and his predictions after the fact. As others have said, his predictions are so vague that with a little mental gymnastics they can mean anything.

Answer #13

well some of em have actually came true you know

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