Is it normal that I think I'm a bad poet but people keep telling me I'm really good?

Also is it weird that my least favorite ones that I write seem to be the ones y’all like the best? Hmm..

Answer #1

Its normal to be skeptical of your own work because the thing that you focus on anything related to yourself is the mistakes but if people genuinely like something, they’ll tell you.

Just once in a while, believe what people tell you :)

Answer #2

:) thanks!

Answer #3

Yes, it is very normal to wonder about your own output. Write what you need to, what you want to, some of it you will love (and people may not) and some if you will dislike (and people will love). It is fine to be skeptical of your own work, it helps you focus and refine your work, but if people like something you’ve written, say, “Thank you.” and look at it and see if you can see what they liked. REGARDLESS, don’t let them change you! Write what you need to write. Critics and everybody else has their own ideas of what they like. DO NOT WRITE for them, write for you. Good Luck.

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