Can somebody tell me if this is normal with hypothyroidism?

I don't know... okay the other day I foud a huge bruise on my right knee, it didn't hurt and I didn't remember bumping myself. So today I found the same thing on my arm, and it's kind of freaking me out. Idk if this is normal or what, I just don't want to go have them checked out and have them not be anything to be concerned about. Thanks you guys(:

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I have never known that to be associated with hypothyroidism ( I"m very close to someone with the condition)

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I have hypothyroidism, and because of it I am slightly on the anemic side and that seems to cause me to bruise so easily. Even the tiniest bump into something will cause a bruise on my body. Everyone's body is different and even something like hypothyroidism will effect different people in different ways, but if you continue to get very large bruises I would contact your doctor just to make sure everything is okay :) Good luck!

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Thank you(:

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