Is it normal for braces to hurt for 4 days?

I got braces 4 days ago, and the right side of my mouth is fine, but my left is still really hurting, is it normal?

Answer #1

It’s COMPLETELY normal :) No worries at all. My last adjustment was 6 weeks ago and my molars only on my left side started hurting yesterday. Take an advil, it works awesomely for teeth pain :)

Answer #2

Yeah, it’s normal. You’re just not used to having braces yet. Give it a about a month and you’ll begin getting used to them :)

Answer #3

oo yes

Answer #4

Yes it is, it’s diffferent for everyone, and when you get them tightened evey so often they will hurt for a couple days also. Just take pain meds.

Answer #5

ya they hurt. better to have a Bcomplex tablets asking your physician

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