is it normal 2 be horny all of the time

is it normal 2 be horny all of the time

Answer #1

ehh I think soo…im horny a lot too…I hope its normal -_- lmao its just because were young and are hormones are going all nuts and stuff…haha

Answer #2

Is normal as long as is not messing with your everyday life.

Answer #3

I like it…

Answer #4

I’m horny all the time too it’s normal, and you have some control over it, so it’s ok.

Answer #5

I think everyone is horny all the time. but as you get older, most people learn to control it, and ignore it. me in the otherhand, why control something like that? sex and eveything that goes with it is not only fun, but harmless, and actually one of the best workouts you can get!!

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