How can we stop Nigerian scams?

What can we do stop scams from Nigeria?

Answer #1

I doubt they can ever be stopped, but you can just be smart about it, and never fall for the scams.

Answer #2

Use your common sense, if it seems like a scam then research it before you send any money. Look in your local phone book for a consumer report near you. They can usually tell you if it is a scam or not.

Answer #3

First, you need to put all of their email addresses into your address book, then email those sons of btche tons of emails, sending them coupons, free tickets and airline passes. Then, you need to use their mailing address and send them to the Nigerian government so they can raid those crazy goons from heck. If that don’t work, use your common sense just like the lady says above me. You don’t got common sense, then I say stay off the computer b/c those raving lunatics will be there awaiting for ya…

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