Where is the nicest place to move in Canada?

I want to move in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Answer #1

Amsterdam. :-)

Answer #2

cape breton nova scotia

Answer #3

Vancouver! Or maybe Montreal in Quebec!

Answer #4

I haven’t lived outside Ontario yet (Hoping to move to some of the other provinces some day!) , but I think it depends on what you are looking for. If you want somewhere fast paced with lots to do, Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver are good choices. If you are looking for somewhere quiet with lots of beautiful nature, nothern Ontario is amazing. Living along the border can be great if you like to visit the States, I lived in Niagrar Falls for years and loved it. Employment opportunities, cost of living etc, differs per Province, so you should take the time to check into all that before you make your decision. Some places are fantastic, but do not have a lot of work opportunities.

Answer #5

Anywhere in British Columbia or Jasper :)

Answer #6

Winnipeg Is a Frozen Sh*thole

Answer #7

Does the weather ever change up?

Answer #8

I want to move where there is plenty of work opportunity, shops/stores, friendly people, and has a low crime rate. That is is kind of in the middle of the province.

Answer #9

yeah, but it’s still not the wormest place on Earth. i’d say it’s even colder than some Russian cities.

Answer #10

If nature and scenery is your thing, then British Columbia and Newfoundland/Labrador are the frontrunners.

Answer #11

The cabot trail is a nice drive in the fall, are you from the cape?

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