What New Year's Resolutions should I make?

im thirteen years old, im constantly grounded, I dont really think im “living life to it’s fullest”, and right now, life kinda sux. so I need some good new years resolutions to make 2008 a better year than this one…and the year before that.

Answer #1

Stop doing the same things that got you grounded in 2007 - make ‘em proud !

Answer #2

Don’t judge yourself. Try to not be confrontational with parents. Be thankful for what you have…the simple things that we take for granted..health..roof over our head..not that “life sux”..Look around you and learn this year how to be thankful for what you have and who you are. Make your new year resolution to think and concentrate on what you are thankful for “little things”everytime you think life sucks. Familycoach

Answer #3

well your only thirteen so cut it out with the drama…what happened did your boyfriend break your heart…so what suck it up because lifes tough so get a helmet if you really want to make your life better than drop the makeup too because you look like a slut!

hahahhahaah just kidding omg! I hope you didnt take me seriously! I waz only joking life can be hard sometimes but to make it better try finding something that makes you smile everyday and ssay an inspirational quote to start your day off…im here to talk if you want to I am also a teen…so I no some things…p.s I really do like the makeup =] it looks good on u…it fitz your style and dont change 4 any one…ok funmail me if you wannna talk ok <3 volleeit18

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