How can i stop new nipple ring swelling?

I recently got nipple rings and made the stupid mistake of cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide, after a couple day I noticed they had swollen and are more irratated then before. does any one know if I clean them with a saline solution that the swelling will go down?

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Ouch. That sounds pretty painful. Hydrogen Peroxide is a harsh, caustic substance that contains alcohol - pretty much the worst thing to put on a new piercing. Did the piercing place give you instructions for care? If not, go back and demand instructions.

From my experience (two eyebrow rings, one lip ring and a tongue ring), Dial antibacterial soap is the only thing to put on a fresh piercing. Clean it twice a day, no more and no less. Swelling is normal for the first day or two, as is some crust. However if any colored (ie. yellow or green) discharge occurs, that's sign of an infection.

Good luck.

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Wow, hydrogen peroxide. That must have hurt like a hot damn. Use a mild antibacterial soap to clean your piercing or a mild warm salt water soak. Put 1part salt to like 10 parts water. Nipple rings tend to take a long time to heal, up to 6 or 8 months at times, sometimes even longer. It's normal for crusting and also a little bit of a white goopy substance, not a puss, to come out, this causes the crusties when it dries.

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