free place to get some music that is safer than limewire

I just got a new computer. My old computer messed up because of limewire. I dont want the same thing to happen, but I want a free place to get some music that is safer than limewire. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

There is other P2p software out there that isn’t called Limewire… they use torrents, I find them excellent… as long as you use them legally of course ;) Also if you don’t wanbt your computer messed up I would suggest geting a spyware/Adware remover and an antivirus, and maybe a firewall installed. You can pay big bucks for these or you can look around on the internet and find some for free.

Answer #2

There isn’t one, really…unless you’re getting independent stuff, which is a small % of the total music out there. Eg, you can get free music there…once it gets popular, then they sell it. Or you can listen to streaming music for free.

Answer #3

this is a good one it has all the latest music

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