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right now at our house we have 3 dogs, we have our dog, a 1 year old female boxer. Last night we rescued 2 male boxers, they are brothers and are 5 months old. We got them home and our female is not excepting them…she keeps growling at them. How can we get her to except these puppies?

Answer #1

LOL…well I imagine for her they are a tad overwheming…

“Overnight” is simply not enough time to her to adjust…this will take a week or two… walking her, with just one of them at a time, is a great way to instill the fact that they are going to be a pack…with YOU as their leader. If you can have your wife help you out, since the goal will be to walk all three at one time…Lots and lots of walks are in order to “pack them up”…

All of them are, in essence “puppies”…a Boxer isn’t mature until 18 to 24 months…and therefore more malable than an adult dog…your girl will be loving them in short order.

As Harley said…watch carefully for “stares”…ALL dog fights start with the eyes…tho I don’t foresee any REAL fight coming, while they are all this young…


Answer #2

First lets just say that is so awsome of you and your wife to help these little guys out.

I suggest reading lots of Ceaser Milan books and watching his show. or Me or The Dog. I would keep her on a leash with it in your hand and correct her everytime she is ready to growl,stare, or bark. Let her know that you do not accept this behavior. You need to stay on top of it or she will get worse. Do not seculed her from the “pack” because that is not dealing with the problem. I would keep her on a leash and keep her close to you at all times. Lay her down and use your finger and thumb to apply a little bit of pressure at the neck. This is a type of “bit” that you are giving to correct her and don’t let her stand back up until she is in a submissive state. And keep repeating if she keeps growling. I know all this sounds harsh, but she is a dog and you are the leader, they do look at us for guidance and to know what there part is in the pack. You and your wife have to be on the same team and do show any anger or fustration. You need to stay confident and the dog will follow your lead. I would take her out for a good long walk and bring her back into the house and have ther met the puppies head on. While on the leash. Try taking them all for a walk and this may be a challange but I am sure you and your wife will get this new family in order very soon. Good luck, let the dogs meet all kinds of noises and people and dogs, with your new addation coming you want these dogs to be a social as possiable. They are a very active breed and need lots of excerise. I would try to walk all 3 every day. What did you name them>

Answer #3

Your Boxer female is just letting them know their place. She has to establish the order of things and she will do this one way or the other. Although a loving and loyal dog the Boxer is still a dog first! They are not people.

Her growling is normal and even a roll over and pinning to the ground is normal as long as she is not biting and since I have Boxers I do not think blood will be drawn. Your female will think that you do not know what is best and she will take control of these pups, if you are smart you will let her. She will not hurt them. She will put them in line.

You need to study you breed. I never let people buy my Boxers without lectures from me and trips to the library getting books on boxers and they have to purchase at least one good reference book on Boxers to keep for reference.

I own, breed and raise Boxers. Pack order and the above is normal.

I will tell you this. WHO TOLD YOU TO BRING HOME TWO MALE BOXERS!!! Did you study your breed!!! This is a big NO!! NO!! with Boxers! Especially brothers, your days of trying to establish order and balance in your home are just beginning and your female most likely senses the trouble in the air!! Never ever have two male boxers together. Even if you neuter. The brothers will begin and most likely have already began to compete and will begin to fight and will continue to fight for Alpha position and being brothers will not be able to achieve this.

This situation rarely works and is hard enough with females and works only with age difference (sometimes). This is a powerful breed, you have not began to feel the power behind the dog at 1 year old. Two 5 month old males is just a beginning. Your female has not even reached her full potential.

I am sorry but my advice to you is to find a GOOD home for one of the brothers, if you are wise you will do this now.

Good Luck, I know your heart was in the right place, but I wish whoever let you bring both these guys home had not been so greedy or stupid!

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