What are the best neonish contact lences?

ok so ive been thinking about getting blue contacts but i dont want them to look normal i want them to be really neon really bright because the way i were my makup it attracts alot of attention to them does anyone no where i can find some contacts like that (i need percrption) if you need a good example look up the dolly blue eyes brand contacts and i really want them to be comfortable and if u can not to explaensive thanks

Answer #1

try candylens.com - they have an amazing range of contacts, they’re not too expensive and you can change the thingy on them if you need a prescription :)

Answer #2

ya well im also trying to make sure there really comfortable

Answer #3

You can try contactlensxchange.com , recommended by my friends. I had try them several time and they are very responsive and the product is genuine .

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