What do you think is necessary - more physical strength or mental strength?

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Mental. Although you need to be strong physically for things, if your mental health isn’t well, the rest isn’t going to matter very much.

Answer #3

Depends on who you are and where you live. If you are rich(have food, water, and a place to live) than it’s mental. You don’t have much need for physical stregnth besides being fit, which is more of a choice. You can afford the loss of sanity, because you care about alot. When you are poor and all you can worry about is your next meal than pribably physical, your mind is too set on survival. There is no room to loose your mind on anything,.

Answer #4

mental strength, without it, whatever physical strengh you do have wont be of much use

Answer #5

its opinion, an idiot can be happy and humans are the only animals that can survive without a good brain, but you wont live well. Without physical strength you don’t have freedom, you have to rely on others for your life, but everyone does that anyway.

Answer #6

Probably have to go with mental strength, You’d obviously would have enough mental strength then to gain more physical strength.

Answer #7

Mental strength. You cant have physical strength without mental strength.

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Def Mental strength. With everything that we deal with everyday, there is always a problem infront of us most days and that mental strength gets us through it to be stong to help get us through what we need to do. we use it everyday weather it’s work related, relationships with significant other, family situations, if someone is dying. and on top of ours we help other with their problems. esp if you want to be physical strength you need mental strength to get you to where you wat to be with phyical strength people that don’t think they can get fit and work out and its too much to loose weight we get that mental strength to get us through it to achieve our goal!

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