How to get help for my depression?

hello I am 14 and am verry depressed. And need help but the thing is I lived in a small town for 4 years and had a lot of friends that were emo so we moved to a big city and I try telling them that I am depressed and they think my emo friens told me to it to get some love from them and if I did go see a doc and he told me I was my parents think putting kids on meds is wrong so I need help bad before I do some thing that could end up with me hurting my self any more thank you

Answer #1

Hey huniieee

your not alone…loads of teens feel depressed…I do. you dont self harm do you?

go see yur doc & ask him wht he thinks yhu shud do


Answer #2

ok I went to ask pros at this what to do and I have been told im bi poler

Answer #3

yes I have been cuting and I will think about it thx and good luck

Answer #4


This thread has some great suggestions on how and where to get help.

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