Does it mean I can possibly may have a miscarriage?

If im sick and im pregnant does it mean I can possibly may have a miscarriage?

How can you get a miscarriage?

Answer #1

Sickness is normal in pregnant women. It can cause throwing up in the morning (morning sickness), can cause you to be tired/irritable, odd/random cravings, and several other things. You may not expierence all the signs of pregnancy - it differs from girl to girl. Miscarriages can be caused by several things. Your best bet is to talk with your doctor/obgyn about this.

Answer #2

you need to give a little more info, how do you mean? Sick, like cough, cold, headache, And if you are really concerned then you really need to get off of funadvice and on the phone with your obgyn.

Answer #3

If you are sick and pregnant you’re normal (morning sickness).

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