Need fast advice on asking a girl out

Ok, theres this girl in ALL of my classes…we have known each other for 2 years now, and I just realized yesterday that I really like her… the thing is… .this other guy likes her, and he has asked her out like 3 times, but she declined


tommorow, ima tell her that I like her

and the other kid is ganna be all want to be with me and he is ganna want to fight over her, even though she dosent like him…

btw, those that are ganna ask..

no, I don’t know if she likes me back…

any ways…

I really want to ask her out…but I really don’t know if I should…

please help…

Answer #1

Since you said please.. Are you guys even friends? Like, have you even seen each other out of school? If not, it’ll probably be a little awkward. Just go for it anyway. The worst she can do is say no(she could say HELL NAW, YOU ARE UGLY and make you feel real bad but…) and make you feel sad for a few days. You would get over it eventually. Just keep in mind that you should do it before it’s too late.

Answer #2

live a life without regret bro, alway’s weigh out what you can gain vs loose. she rejects you, you loose nothing. she accepts, you could gain everything. live by this saying and you’ll never look back going “I should have done that but now its to late”

Answer #3

I agree. Just go 4 it

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