I need the girls out thers advice

I like this girl cassandra and she has said she likes me and we have a lot in common and she keeps flirting with me by looking at me and smileing she is makeing me beleave she likes me and I really like her yet she texted me saying that she likes me as a friend and I did not even ask her out or anything I cant stop thinking about her me and her have the song lips of an angel and we love it I think of her when I listen to that song and a lot other songs I feel like I’ve lost everything when she said that what should I do to get her to like me more she even said that we could be more than friends one day what could I do to make her like me more you all have heard this before but I really need your help and only girls know what girls want please help me

Answer #1

Shes probably just playing hard to get

Answer #2

she is a drama queen. if that doesnt bother you go for it. ask her out…

Answer #3

I say play it low key, kinda hard to get. Maybe she felt you came on stronger than you really did. Sometimes girls like a little chase. I’m not saying you should play games but she’s already told you she likes you as a friend so what’s the harm in playing it real low at this point? Who knows maybe she’s not the one for you, maybe the girl for you is just waiting her turn for you to stop focussing on this other girl. Good Luck!

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