Need a girlfriend

I am 15 years old play guitars in a band a pretty nice guy I fight for what I believe in I aint afraid of nothin. Be around btown ky any takers

Answer #1

it’s not fine, you guy are desperate! WOW. get a life.

Answer #2

I think its fine

Answer #3

This may come out wrong, but if you’re not afraid of anything, why not ask a girl you know or like in your area? It would be much easier and better that way, in my opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of nice people where you live.

Answer #4

omg. XD

dperk and makip funadvice is NOT a dating website.

you are so pathetic, you going to date someone you just met?



Answer #5

I dont see why its not

Answer #6

how would a long term relationship work for anybody thou?? even if someone did go out with you you wouldn’t see them or pretty much anything thats confusing isn’t it??

Answer #7

does it even matter..this site for anything you want to

Answer #8

yea I do it is

Answer #9

then hit me up sometime…you ot msn or aim?

Answer #10


Answer #11

u want an online girlfriend?

Answer #12

not really I dont like anybody that goes to my school

Answer #13

desperate??…why you got into thiz conversation if you didnt like it..u saw the tittle…your so boring

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