I need advice on how to break up my dad and his girlfriend

Ok, so normally im ok with my dads girlfriends most of them have been really sweet and I was quite upset when they broke up, but this one is different. They fight all the time, she accuses me of doing things I haven’t done,she refises tto commit to my dad and she once made a joke about my mum trying to commit suicide in front of me. I’ve tried telling my dad but he says he doesn’t want to hear it anymore. She needs to go now! Any advice?

Answer #1

Ok well I got rid off my dads girlfrien.. I didn’t like her either.. There’s a lot of things you can do.. I jus kept on talling my dad bad stuff bout her right in her face and she jus got pissed and left. But you can take somethin very valuable that your dad loves and put it in her possison like in her purse or in her car and once he finds it he’s goin to think she tryin to rip him off then he will leave her!! Good luck!!

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