Is It natural to be 5" at 16 years old?

Answer #1

Its probably just in your genes. Like how tall are your parents?

Answer #2

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so I don’t think it is bad in any way to be shorter or taller than the average person. However, to answer your question, the average height for a 16 year old female is around 5’4”. So, you not too much below that. I myself am very short for my age. I am a 17 year old female and I am only 4’6”!!! I am considered a midget, or dwarf. Just short. :)

Answer #3

I meant, I am NOT considered a midget or dwarf**

Answer #4

Yeah,lol hun everyone is different sizes. My mom is 45 and she’s 5’3. I’m almost 20 and i’m only 5’7. So yeah. it just depends on the person. :P

Answer #5

Woah you’re shorter than Snooki from the Jersey Shore. Not a bad thing though. I’d rather be super short than super tall

Answer #6

<3 shortness is cute<3

Answer #7

HAHA yea…thanks. LOL…I like to say, “Hey! I’m not short! I’m FUNSIZED!!!” :D hahhaaa….

Answer #8

XD! Yeah. I wish i could say that.. I kinda hate being tall. I can’t fit into small places cause my leggies are long. And i wanna be funsized. :(

Answer #9

LOL I’m only 5’4 so I’m average height. Although sometimes I wear heels that make me grow to 5’6 which is my ideal height

Answer #10

LOL….sometimes being short is attractive to guys…lol they are like…sweet, I can just throw her over my shoulder and carry her in the bedroom…lol…

Answer #11

I’m 5’7. And it sucks cause if i wear heals i’m super tall :( …My combat boots are my fav thing to wear but they have a thick heal so i look super tall.And i dun wanna be :(!

Answer #12

—hahaha now we know what you do in your spare time,ay angelee27? XD jaykay.

Answer #13

no its very strange to be 5” tall… ever

Answer #14

cause 5” is 5 inches

Answer #15

no it’s not

Answer #16

yes. 5’ is 5 feet. 5” is 5 inches

Answer #17

I think we all can see she typo’ed. She meant 5’ i’m sure lol. NO one can be 5 inches dude. And i don’t think someone would be dumb enough to honestly ask a question ‘’can i be 5 inches?’’ God.

Answer #18

haha. i didnt ask. i said nobody could be that tall. haha

Answer #19

lol i’m just saying. —omg that could be cool to be able to shrink to 5inches though. :P

Answer #20

actually, yeah that would be very cool. unless someone stepped on you

Answer #21

yeah i know a 8th grad boy who isnt even 5ft yet

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