Does nair make your leg hair thicker like what shaving does ?

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Shaving doesn't make the hair on your legs thicker... We'd all look like beasts if that were the case. I've used Nair, it works fine if you want to spend the cash.

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looool! beasts :P that made me laugh :P

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its those lotion/cream thingies girls use for hair removal . it burns off the hair or something like that .

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no it does not, It in fact, makes the hair grow back lighter. So cool

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the cash? Its like five bucks at Walgreens

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pretyinpnk101, you sound like a kid who has been completely financially supported by parents all her life. All that money adds up, it's not as easy as you think it is.

Cassie, I think jaspie20 meant that shaving off the top of the hair leaves the bottom, wider part exposed, which makes it appear darker and thicker.

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It doesn't make your hair lighter, it just appears so because most of the hair is dissolved.

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