My weight cant make up its mind

I havent drank pop since the beginning of august and I went to band camp…

came back and weighed 2 lbs less.

started losing more weight…

went from 131 to 125… today I get back on the scale and it says 130… again!

whats going on?

if I lost 6 pounds… how didnt I feel any different…?

why am I back up to 130?

Answer #1

Especially since you are a girl, your weight will fluctuate, so it’s best to weigh yourself during the morning, before you eat in the morning, even before you drink. Even still, during a certain time of the month, you will weigh 2-3 pounds more, but it always goes back down. I don’t know if that’s why or not…If you’ve been eating more than normal or exercising less the weight gain might be for that reason. Weight can never make up its mind. The numbers don’t matter anyway.

Answer #2

peoples weight fluctuates. its part of life.

Answer #3

Water storage!

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