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Okay, I drink like a quart of water every day, exercise regularly, and remove hair from down there. Also, I take showers normally and when I'm done, my vag smells okay so I put a bit of powder to keep it dry. I wear cotton panties but still by the middle of the day when I sweat a lot, I can smell my vag! It smells like sweaty water or something and sometimes I get bumps on the sides of it. I don't think it's an infection but I just want to keep it smelling like flowers (p.s, I use those summers eve wipes occaisionally).

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Your pubic area is not supposed to smell like flowers. The little bumps can be a mild irritation from shaving and then putting powder in the area. Too often people think that if a little powder is good, a lot must be better and they don't brush off the excess. This can build up in the pores and cause blackheads and pimples. It can also gather at the leg creases and gather sweat and bacteria, instead of relieeving odor it is doing the opposite. A clean healthy body has an appealing scent filled with the pheremones of youth. Stop trying to smell like lilacs.

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You're probably overreacting. All women's vaginas have a smell and because you are so focused on how it smells it probably smells worse to you than it really does.

So ask a friend (a close one) whether it's really that smell.

Oh and furthermore don't wash too often and try and stay away from putting fresh powder and other things over there. It could be disturbing the natural ph down there. if you have to use powder try and get a medicated powder (ask at the pharmacy).

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I have that problem too. before school spray purfume down there lol! but I think that it might be from wearing to tight of pants for to long.

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SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT. that's what produces that smell. I couldn't figure it out when I was younger either..even though I was super-clean like u. but juss a couple of years ago I TOTALLY cured it. and now there's NEVER a bad smell down there, esp. since I shower daily. so here's what you do ::

1. buy UNSCENTED DOVE SENSITIVE SKIN DEODORANT[solid, not gel]. that kind ONLY. perfumed deodorant may cause you to break out.

2. EVERY TIME you get out the shower, rub some of the deodorant on your inner thighs [the VERY inner part, like the creases on both sides on your private area]

3.rub it back and forth twice, basically juss saying ENOUGH, NOT too much. it won't have a smell, so don't look for one.

4.also, use a SEPARATE deodorant for your underarms. the one for {down there} is juss a personal hygiene product, onli to be used by YOU.

deodorant won't make you chafe and dry you out like powder will, NEVER put powder down there !! the sensitive skin one is gentle enough for {down there}. TAKE MY ADVICE, and you'll be good to go.

[I know I'm late, but I was looking for someone with this problem so I could share my secret]


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The bumbs on the side of your "lips" are a starting of an STD.
Yours truly,
Demika Ray

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Go see a doctor, something may be wrong, woman to woman...

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