My uniform is hideous!!

I have to wear a bergondy polo shirt with the school logo on it. I have to wear a gray skirt with different shades of bergendy plad on it. We cant wear high heels or flats or leggings. So how can make my niform look better???

Answer #1

Top: School shirt over khaki/white/black long or 3-quarter sleeved shirt w/ a pearled long necklace… Bottom: Sch. Skirt w/ matching undershirt knee-highs …? If you cant wear flats or heels... Whats left? Not-Able-To-Pump Pumps? Uhm, I don`t have a suggestion on the shoes babe but that and some nice jewelry would look nice… To me.

Answer #2

the outfit is hideous… not much you can do bout that,, draw the attention away from your clothes.. jewlery, hair, make-up… 2 tell the truth,, guys couldnt give a crap bout wut your wearing anyway,, so don’t stress…if thats wut your worried bout

Answer #3

add some make-up, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, nail polish? Wear your hair in a cute way, like with a cute headband or something?!

Answer #4

make sure you get a good looking size shirt, wear a gray black or burgundy headband with a necklacke and bracelet, but the truth is theres not much you can do.

Answer #5

wear coverses with colorful socks and a skirt put some bracelets and earings on a rock the school as if it were your runway.?!

Answer #6

no high heels? no flats? no leggings? what about when it is cold? wear cute silk scarves. or headbands. or lots of jewelry.

Answer #7

wear long neckelaces that wrap around twice, high cute socks and a cool chain to go on your skirt

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