Is an ip address and ssid the same

Is an Ip address and SSID the same? and how do I find my SSID?

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...but I need it for my Zune

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The definition of SSID is a service set identifier.

This is what WAPs or Wireless Access Points use to communicate with wireless clients or other access points. It is basically the wireless network name.

An IP address is a network address that you would receive via a DHCP service from your home router or ISP modem.

if your zune has wireless capabilities you should be able to connect to your wireless routers SSID.

hope that helps.


Is an Ip address and SSID the same?

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Book mark the site.

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what he heckie is a SSID???

how do I get my ssid?

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not so sure...

What is an IP address?
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No ! SSID and an IP address are not the same thing . It is different from each other .

An SSID is a name that identifies a particular wireless network you are connecting to. Each wireless network in your range will have it's own unique name .

IP address :

An IP address is an Internet Protocol address. It is used to identify all the websites on the internet. Each IP address is unique and it is separated by periods. For example : . It ranges from 0 to 255. Each and every website have an IP address. For example, an IP address for is and that is how the internet identifies it. Generally, ip address is very difficult to remember by the visitors. So, they type domain name ( etc ) in the browser and it is converted to the destination address . This conversion process is done by DNS ( Domain name system / Domain Name Server ). There are two types of ip addresses:
1. Private Ip address
2. Public Ip address
Private ip address is also known as internal ip of your computer. To get the ip address of a computer use the following steps:
start->run->cmd-> ipconfig
start->run->cmd->ipconfig/all It shows your internal ip address. Public or external ip address is used to access the internet. To determine your public ip address visit the site .

Use the link to find SSID from your computer .

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