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my poem,..what do ya'l think

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"I Am Me"

Everyday I looked into the mirror. Hating the reflection. As I shed another tear. With heart as my only protection. Their crude words broke my shell. They only made it worse. My life a living hell. Haunted by the never-ending curse. Nobody cared. Nobody knew. Nobody shared. The pain I was going through. Everybody stared. Everybody knew. about the solution. That I was soon going to do. I went up the building. Counting stairs as I speak. My heart in the killing. Not a promise to keep. Looking down at the world. Standing on the top. Staring at each girl. Knowing they were everything I was not. I took a step forward. Closing my eyes as I breathe. I took a step toward. The death of my destiny. At first I felt nothing. I just heard screaming. When I died I was something. As I was flying I was leaving. I had to face the truth. I could of seen. I had to face the truth. I am Me.

(this was abt a guy who totaly broke my heart wit hiz friends last yr)