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My mom's boyfriend sucks and is making us move

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Well my moms boyfriend has been staying with us (me(13) my mom and my brother (10)) and he's been a real jerk to me! You know how when you bro gets you made and you scream some mean this then you cry about it? Well my bro took wood chips and ground them into my left eye. I then proceeded to the scream stage and said some things then sat down. My mom's boyfriend came over and yelled at me for saying those things reardless of my swolen eye. I then got 2 whips in the butt by a belt and had hot sauce poured down my throat. Then he grounded me so I have to for the next 2 weeks starting at 7am this routine: wake up eat cerial choirs read shower bed. That's it. Now lunch or dinner. Plus we have to move in with him because he thinks he pays less on morgage and he doesnt work! Nether does my mom! They dont care about us any more... Please help!!!