Is there anyway my Mom can get my sister to move in with us?

16 y/o girl (17 in few month’s) live’s with her dad( for the past 10 year’s) and she want’s to live with her mom because she say’s her dad pushes her around and treat and talk’s to her like crap. . she was down here about a week ago for 2 week’s …This is the girl’s brother and she call’s me and my mom all the time and crying telling us that her dad is pushing her around and treating her like crap and she is very depressed and want’s to live with her mom. Is there anything my mom can do to get my sister to live with my mom…please respond quick she is very depressed.

Answer #1

Hey, Yea it does depond on who has custody of who, but is he approachable? maybe your sister can talk to him about it, maybe even by threatening to move out…maybe he could try to change..? hope that helps Need ta talk? just message me

Answer #2


A lot depends on the custody arrangement they already have. If your parents have joint custody, your sister should be able to move in with you as long as visitation is provided. If your sister’s father has custody of her, you would have to prove that he was hurting her physically in a court for her to be out of his custody.

Also, if she is almost 17, she may be able to legally move out at 17, depending on the state where she lives. Look up the age of majority in the state where she lives, and if it’s 17, that’s when she’s legally an adult and can choose where to live. Although, in most states, it is 18.

Good luck.

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