Can i move out after my mom passes away from cancer?

My mom has cancer and will possibly be dead in 3 months. I am 16 and will be turning 17 in less then a month. I want to move out of my house after my mom dies. I live with my mom's sister and grandparents. My dad is not really a part of my life. Is it possible for me to move out? I have plenty of friends whose parents said they would take me. I still will go to high school and go on to college, I just cant take it in that house. It gets really stressful to the point where I can't get out of the bed in the morning. I don't get along with everyone very well and I just know I would be much more happier with some one else. I need help. Please tell me what I can do!

love beck

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Dear becca123,
I know all of us here on Funadvice are very sad to hear the news about your mother.
I understand that you feel you don't get along with those in the household and want to move. But this is really the time for you to practice being very mature and to avoid and not to create arguments at home. This is a time of great stress for everyone. Not being able to get out of bed sounds like you are depressed. Seek out counselling right away...this will also help you to prepare (if that is possible) for the next steps. Depression sometimes makes one think that everyone else is at fault but sees no fault of their own for their living conditions. So because of your depression you may be making some impulsive decisions about moving. Seek out a school counsellor that can help you here.
Sue...good luck

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rite now you need to make sure that you make your mothers last few mounths great so put aside all your problems for her, then when she passes wait a week or so before you move out, then ya you could move out

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damn im sorry about your 19 my mom passd 2 years ago from the same thing....
okay heres what u do.....go out and try to find a job tht pays more then 5.50 lol and go to and look under rooms for rent and just find one u like and call or email them and go look at places until u find one u like and move there...and continue to go to school/work and chill w/friends on the weekends like us college students!! thts what i did mom was all i had and after she passd i had to learn everything on my own and if ur determind to make it u will!!

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