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My mom does not allow me to do any kind if hair removal on my legs.

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Alright so, last year I sneaked behind my parents' backs by shaving my legs with an eybrow shaver. & I used that kind of shaver ( I know it's not a proper good shaver to use) but I like the way my legs feels. It was smooth and hair free! Until my father saw the eybrow shaver on the tub and he started asking questions to my sister and I to who use the eyebrow shaver. And well I lied by saying I shaved my upper lip, with hair. & it wasn't true. Until my mom started asking me more questions if I did shave any part s of my body more specifically my legs and when ahe found out that my legs were smooth because I hid it by wearingnlong slacks and she rolled up my slacks and was shocked and very, very pissed. She started yelling at me, hurting me by pinching my ears like what filipino mothers and fathers do.. And she told me I will never shave my legs until I finish school. And seriously, next year I'm attending a Catholic high school with skirts and pants as our bottom uniforms! And I don't want to wear pants every single day! Or tights, pantyhoses, or stockings underneath my skirt! Ugh. I really wanna talk about it to my mom to just use a cream to remove hair like Nair or Veet, but I know she'll say 'NO! I told you NO SHAVING!' :'( my dad also got so pised at me, really, really mad when they found out I shaved. My friends shave their legs and it's SUMMER. Honestly, my parents do not understand. My mom has really thin hair, & it doesn't show until you look really, really close. While my dad has thick, dark hairy legs (because well, he's a man) but he does shave his down part of his lips & upper lip hair. Which is UNFAIR! Also my mom doesn't understand because she has what I told you, really fine hair! They think if I shave my hair will grow longer, and thicker and it'll look like a gorilla's hair. And I haven't shaved since last year from this month and my hair looks dark )x It's also 10 days from my Conformation in our school & I have a white dress up to my knee and I don't wanna wear STOCKINGS! :'( My sister has the same hair as my mom so she's fine with it. She always teases me & I'm scared of what my peers will say to me whenI do wear capris, shorts in school.

Please, please help metry conving my parents more over my mom because I'm scared to talk to my dad.. on how to cpnvince them to let me remove my hair. Or even to have really fine hair. Like waxing I heard it takes the hair out and leave you with thin hair when the hair grows. *sigh* I' 13 years old, I can't go alone to convenient stores, malls or my friends' houses unless a birthday party. I'm also filipino. My parents are really strict but please, I beg of you.. help me try conving my mom & dad using the infos I have given. Please and thank you!