My mom hates me and thinks my girlfriend isn't real

My mom hates me and thinks my girlfriend isn’t real what can I do to get it through to her that she is real

Answer #1

You may never be able to.

I’ve been with my hubby for several years and my MIL still hates me…some mothers will just never accept that there is any girl who is good enough for her baby.

Keep in mind, that the day may come when you’ll have to decide between your girl and your mother.

Answer #2

The relationship between you and your mother sounds pretty okward. I’d get your girlfriend to introduce herself and see how that turns out. If that doesn’t work, hmm, I don’t know what else to tell you but if your girlfriend happens to send something in the mail, have your mother look at it then, maybe she’ll be convinced. Good luck, and I hope your mother isn’t trying to pull something off to ruin your relationship between you and your girlfriend. If my mother said anything against me about my boyfriend, I’d tell her off. That’s me though. Just try the advice we all gave and see what happens.

Answer #3

…if your mom is really that horrible… then why make an effort to make her acknowledge that fact? there are a lot of teens that don’t even tell their parents about their relationships. so I see your relationship with your mother is very awkward… well think of it this way. if your mom goes through your mail. at least you can say “I told you so” instead of “holy shyt, I’m screwed”

Answer #4

take her home

or if she dont believe you

screw HER!!

Answer #5

Introduce them face to face.

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