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How do I get over heartbreak from my best friend?

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What should I do. I was about to breakup with my best friend that I know for 17 years date him for 10 months. first because I felt that it wasn't gonna work.he was married and he made me believe that nothing was going to work between him and his wife. then because of my good heart he broke my heart anyway since he had the feeling that I was on my way to give up on him.. Now I believe that he feels strong I feel weak. I had sex with him that day, he left and never come back, never call no emails. for 4 weeks. I feel so low and desperate. I kept asking what did he found on me or in my house or what did I do. questions after questions everyday. did he went back to his wife? I would never in my life go out with a married man, but it did happen because of my kind heart. I thought he was telling me the truth since I know him for 17 years. by saying he was lonely and single, he don't have a life I felt sorry for him. also promised me to have a life with me.. How's that? uh. my main problem is why didn't I leave him first before he left me. He was using me. Betrayed by your own best friend??? that really makes me feel rejected and low.