My hair is falling out and fast Please help me

My hair is short because when I was 13 3 years ago my hair started falling out and its growing slow it used to be up to the middle of my back and now it cant even reach my shoulders what do I do to make it grow back???

Answer #1

theres nothing you can do, I did hairdressing at college and im qualified now but it was unreal the amount of clients we would get in asking how they could make their hair grow! theres nothing at all you can do you just have to leave it, mines to my shoulders and mine won’t grow which is why I use extensions!!

Answer #2

What you can do to prevent hair from falling out is eat horsetail(I’s an herb) go to your herbal shop & get some you can make it a tea or just eat a pinch what you can do to help it grow quicker ig get it trimmed on a regular basis, it will help it grow faster.

Answer #3

try the supplements “Ultra Nourishair” by GMC. Its supposed to be a great supplement for hair growth.

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