My grandmother is annoying

how can I make my grandmother (who I live with) stop saying how fat I am?

Answer #1

Why haven’t you phoned child protection services? Or what about other family.

Answer #2

call child protective services and tell them you havent been allowed to eat for a week? they will come over and she will stop…

Answer #3

there isnt anything I can do. I have to look “proper” for everyone or I’m going to go back into a foster home.

Answer #4

I havent eaten in a week… Im not allowed to.

Answer #5

Lose some weight,duh.

That’s pretty much the only way.

Answer #6

hahahaha, it’s simple! Get skinny pronto!!

She knows that years from now you won’t like being fat, that’s why she’s nagging you about it. Just ask older fat people what sucks about being fat and they’ll make you understand your poor grand mother loves you and only wants whats best for you.

Answer #7

just tell her to get lost!

Answer #8

Wow, you’re typing pretty well considering how malnourished you must be. Don’t make statements like that unless you have literally been denied food for the week- it minimizes the experiences of those around the world who HAVE gone all week without eating. And if you are being denied nourishment, alert the proper authorities. Otherwise, don’t be dramatic and exaggerate.

Tell her, now this is the hard part, in a MATURE and RATIONAL manner that you do not appreciate being told you are fat. Tell her that it’s disrespectful and cruel, and it does not help your self esteem, nor does it encourage you to lose weight. If you are trying to lose weight, let her know and tell her what things she can do to help you.

It’s not fun being told you’re fat. I’m a chunk right now because I just had a baby. It hurts when people make jokes or comments. I know. But usually it’s a misguided effort on their part to help you lose weight. Should they do it? No. Is it often out of concern? Yeah, probably.

Answer #9

You need to eat more small HEALTHY meals like six a day to lose weight if you dont eat you will have a slow metabolism and even gain weight! Starving doesn’t not work for everyone!

Answer #10

Am I supposed to pity you?

Tell her if you die from starvation,she WILL BE arrested.

Once you’re eating,start jogging twice a day daily and eat HEALTHY.

Exercise,be more active.

Answer #11

wow.. thats messed up, you should tell her to focus on herself, and quit putting her problems on you and let you lose weight on your own.. not by starving yourself. looking at your pictures, shes crazy for calling you fat cause your far from that

Answer #12

just ignore it because some die your grandma is going to die and you will miss her.. I use to hate how my grandma use to call me pathetic and tell me how short I was.. but now I miss getting mad at her for saying that kind of stuff.. because she is not here anymore.. so yeah just ignore it. btw you are not fat!

Answer #13

Just wondering… How does my typing ability have anything to do with me not being allowed to eat at home? please answer than. And also, I eat at school from my friends. So yeah, I appreciate the hell your giving me about a problem I have. Thanks a lot… Its just what I need.

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