She has apendicitis, what should she do?

I’m 13 years old. there’s a girl that I really, really like. but she has apendicitis. she doesn’t know much about it but she knows her appendix is bruised, it could burst at any minute, and she thinks she has about two years to live. she knows that if they leave her appendix in it will burst, and if they take it out she could get cancer. please, if anyone knows any alternative, it would be so much appreciated. money is not an option for treatment of it. please! I don’t know how much time she has left.

Answer #1

Thanks for the advice, colethky, I appreciate it. I don’t why she would lie about the cancer thing though.

Answer #2

OK, thedude, a few things:

  1. Who’s the ISP?
  2. How am I endangering someone if I post this on the wb. I’m just looking for some answers.

These are serious questions I’m not being sarcastic or anthing.

Answer #3

Just tell this girl how you feel about her, because she could be frightend and in the same boat as you. well at least that way you could be more comfortable and at ease.

I know it isnt real help but I’m only a 13 year old too.

Answer #4

Look - county hospitals do NOT demand treatment before getting taken care of. If this is real, then tell her to GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

Seriously. If you don’t, I’m going to nuke your account for posting fallacies on our site.

And then report you to your ISP, whom will be able to track you down, and get you in serious trouble for endangering somebody’s life.

Get a grip, talk to your parents, if you have ‘net access, your parents can’t be complete morons…they’ll have a clue, so will this girls parents.

OR she’s pulling your leg, however, now it’s on YOU to report the medical emergency & get her taken care of.

Answer #5

Getting your appendix out doesn’t cause cancer. I had mine taken out when I was 12. But she does need it taken out, if it bursts then she could possibly have some serious health problems if she doesn’t get to the hospital. I live near Allentown and I know that there are some great hospitals around here. By the way, if it’s bruised it wouldn’t take 2 years to burst. It would burst right away. She might just be pulling your leg though because she has some pretty weird information that’s not true.

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