How to help my friend who could be pregnant?

My friend might be pregnat and I want to help her-can you tell me a way to help her but not seem like I am pushing it? Help, please- oh, and I forfot to mention she is only 14 years old-thanks

Answer #1

ooohhh girl you should stay with her when she needs it the most just tell her you are going to do whatever she needs to be done except for homework. now I do have one question? did the father stay with her after he found out that she was pregnant? if so then he is going to be needed also more then you are actually he can do most of the work you can be an assistant. if not then you got to take over the whole job you be with her to help her anyway you can by doing stuff like going out with her when she needs supplies or anything if she neds food go get her food and only what she is craving but remeber to keep a good eye on her weight too much weight at once isn’t good for the baby try to keep it balance. I will tell you this CAS could get involved and take the baby so if she wants to keep it then tell her to stand up for the baby do not give it in and keep in mind she is underaged so sometimes it might not work out the way you want it to or planned to. but yeah make sure Children’s Aid Society does not know and she will be fine and tell her when she gives birth she will need to have a job lined up and sheneeds to balance the baby, school and work so she does not get stressed out too much and keep her relaxed for the last 3-4 months of pregnancy. tell her to go to the parenting course for new parents and you should go with her just in case the father ditched as soon as he found out. anyways I hope I helped a little and tell her to take it easy and relax do not stress the baby or yourself.

Answer #2

Okay, first of all paulz1265 is an idiot !!! She’s not messing up her life – it’s just going to get a little bit more complicated if she is ! But as long as she has good friends around to help her out like you && a supportive family then she’s going to be just fine (= Good luck to both you & your friend !!!

Answer #3

Have her eat some abortion pills. You two haven’t even learned how to spell yet. Don’t let her mess up her life.

Answer #4

the best thing to do is be there for her. that is what she is going to need the most. keep her secrets, let her cry and let her talk. kids are the greatest things in the world. maybe not the best at 14 but s* happends.

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