how should I help my bes friend decide on what to do with her baby?

my best friend is pregnant and she doesnt want to keep the baby because she doesnt want her parents to find out. so she want me to hit her in the stomach so she’ll have a miscarriage. but I dont know what to do…if you could help me I would appreciate it.

Answer #1

Let us know how things turn out.

Answer #2

try to convince her to talk to her parents and if that doesn’t work at least take her to planned parenthood or some other type of affordable clinic

Answer #3

DO NOT HIT HER IN THE STOMACH, she needs to be a little bit more responsible and give her folks a little more credit, sure they will be upset but this is their problem not yours, the best way to help your friend is to offer to be with her when she talks to her parents. Let them decide as a family what the best thing to do is.

Answer #4

lol, I hope her parents find out. That’s what happens when you try to do grown up things, you get grown up responsibilities.

Answer #5

thanks for your help guys! I’ll try to talk to her…

Answer #6

DONT HIT HER IN THE STOMACH - you’d both have to live with it aftawards killing a human x

Answer #7

I think heresjhony ^^^ is rite yu should do whats best for your friend :D

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