My friend isnt getting any sleep!

Ok I have a friend and he doesnt sleep for 10 days straight!! Is there anyway he can help stop it??

Answer #1

Yeah, he has to be exagerrating. I have insomnia(sleeping problems) and I’ll go a night or two in a row without sleep, but that’s practically physically impossible to go 10 days and still be sane. He should see a doctor though if he’s having trouble sleeping.

Answer #2

Even if it was only an hour - he would still be experiencing those same problems. He would not be functioning. I think he is WAY overexaggerating. If he is having problems sleeping - that is something to talk to a doctor about though and get to the root of it.

Answer #3

He has to be lieing or he doesn’t know when he is sleeping. The longest a person has ever gone without sleep is 11 days. In those 11 days they experienced severe hallucinations, paranoia, slurred speech, etc.

He could be sleeping and not even realize that he is.

Answer #4

well I think he gets like some sleep but like maybe an hours sleep!! so its not that much!

Answer #5

I agree with mandyloo

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