What if my friend is sleeping over but has nits?

ok so one of my closest friends has nits and I dont want to tell her because we told her that she had nits once before when she did and she got really upset but the thing is she wants me to sleep over on friday and her mum already asked my mum and they said yes!! my mum doesnt know she has nits but in to embarraessed to tell her and she wont let me not sleep over for jst no reason! what do I do?

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Do not think that head lice mean that the person/house is dirty. Not necessarily so. Simply playing keep away with someones hat will spread them.

If your friend has lice (nits are a stage of their life cycle) probably others in your class do too. Your Mom could call the school and have the school diplomatically spread the word that there was an outbreak, and how to go about clearing it up. It will only get truly cleared up if everyone is involved.

Good Luck !!

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Are "nits" like lice or something? If that's what you are talking about, you shouldn't hang around her anymore until she takes care of them! It sucks to get them and it doesn't matter if she gets upset, that is a part of hygiene that most people go through and deal with... just don't embarass her, or maybe you could just tell your mom and she could talk to her mom for you! If that wasn't what you meant by "nits" please explain it to me! I hope I helped!

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This might be something you could ask your mum to deal with, as Heather says - 'mum to mum' chats might be less embarassing. Or you could talk to a friendly school teacher, who could let you friend's mum know - schools often have to give that sort of news!

Just to check (I'm a mum and a school teacher so I know about nits/lice): what do you see on your friend's head? Is it the eggs, growing on the hairs? Or is it the actual little white/grey lice running around? I know that I got caught out once - a kid had lice, used the proper shampoo, the lice were killed and so were their eggs, but no one took the trouble to help her comb/pick the dead eggs out. So to me, it looked like she still had nits, but in fact it was just the dead egg cases. You can tell, because if you see the egg cases, quite pale and see-through, higher up on the hairs, they are empty or dead. The live ones are darker and are right down where the hair meets the head.

Yuck! Anyway, don't be ashamed to talk to your mum about it - mums can handle most things.

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hey thnx for the advice I think ill talk to a teacher about it and hopefully get it sorted out!

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yeh sorry thts what I meant by nits lol

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